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The CD3WD Project is a non-profit initiative that provides free access to a vast library of technical documents and other relevant information to support sustainable development efforts in developing countries. Founded in 2003 by Alex Weir, the project initially distributed information on CDs, hence the name "CD3WD" CD for Third World Development. As technology evolved, the project transitioned to DVDs, USB Flash Drives, and now maintains a comprehensive online archive.

What is the CD3WD Project?

The CD3WD Project is a repository of over 900 technical documents and resources covering a wide range of topics related to sustainable development. These resources include:

What is the Purpose of the CD3WD Project?

The CD3WD Project aims to:

How You Can Help the CD3WD Project

The CD3WD Project relies on the support of individuals and organizations to continue its valuable work. Here are some ways you can contribute:

Together, we can make a positive impact on sustainable development efforts worldwide.

Main Access to the CD3WD Library can be accessed from this link here.

Click Here for access to the CD3WD online publications.

We are looking for help with distributing this information for free-of-charge in-country distributors... - email us if you are interested in distributing in your country.

Overview of CD3WD as of 2024

1. Main priority is to get the existing Website and Data disseminated - with some luck and the snowball effect, it disseminates itself - please assist in this endeavor..

2. next priority will be ideally to get existing paper resources digitized and put on CD and CD3WD also free of charge

3. 3rd priority is to gather new material (which may be existing but not published)

4. 4th priority is to commission additional material (which for example may be completely new document, or may be addition of engineering drawings, more detailed and simple explanation, costing data etc etc to existing focus). or may be a summary comparison of several alternative focus on one subject....

5. Additional material can be hosted on website in between editions and then incorporated in next edition when released. Website stuff would remain for 1-2 edition changes to assist people who are using older editions...

An Approximate breakdown of the publications in CD3WD by sector is:


This Site is Dedicated to Alex Weir, born 1948 died 2014

CD3WD original creator Alex Weir

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